The most perfect advice for breast cancer awareness Leave a comment

We sat down with Sara, one of the models from The Scar Project, to discuss her choice to have a prophylactic mastectomy when she was found to have the BRCA gene. Her story inspires!

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Imagine every girl had an education Leave a comment

Photos by, of and for girls to honor International Day of the Girl.

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Iain Thomas on social justice and why artists should remain anonymous

Merry Style Women s Bikini Top P614W: Clothing

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The success of Iain Thomas’ microstory blog I Wrote This For You emanates from his ability to write succinctly, often reflecting in his words the struggle, the loneliness and the darkness of our human experience. He simultaneously reminds us to keep hope while allowing us, his readers, to share our own stories.  Much of what Iain Thomas does fits […]

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How art creates social change in 5 TED Talks 5 Comments

It would be easy for you to dismiss art as excessive, as unnecessary, a waste of money and resources when compared with the destitution, ills and social injustices ever-present around the world. If you did this, you would be missing the point of art. Art exposes and helps resolve issues of social justice.  As a […]

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How-to create a successful collaboration Merry Style Women s Bikini Top P614W: Clothing 1 Comment

Jordan Oram tells you why and how you should collaborate with others.

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